About Me

I grew up in Los Angeles, and I love my city.  I attended an all girls’ high school, Marlborough, which set the foundation for my lifelong love of learning. I also got to travel at a young age and became fascinated with culture, art, food and language.

I began my freshman year at USC, but I felt out of place (small fish in a BIG pond), so I dropped out and began to work full time. I got my own apartment at 18 and worked in various retail jobs. I eventually landed a job at a law firm, and was employed in the legal field for over 20 years.

Three big things happened for me along the way:

In 1990 I joined the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit organization comprised of young professionals. During my ten years of membership I was able to create and manage projects, to serve on a board of directors, to train and supervise others and, ultimately, to make a difference in the community of Los Angeles. One of the major projects I worked on was the Nissan Open, a PGA Tour event and the organization’s main fundraiser and primary source of income. My involvement with the tournament generated not only my huge passion for golf, but also allowed me to provide leadership and to influence large corporations who in turn contributed to the LAJCC’s target audience: at-risk youth in Los Angeles.

In 1995 I did the Landmark Forum which had a profound impact on my life. I have been able to create deeply connected relationships with my family and friends, and set and achieve many goals which would have been impossible but for this work. I credit Landmark Education for providing me with the tools to live a life I love.

In 1999 I returned to school to complete my undergraduate degree. In 2003 I graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. I worked full time while I was at Pepperdine, managed to achieve a GPA of 3.75, and subsequently was invited to join the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society. I really took school on and completed it powerfully! Three months after completing my B.S., I began work on my graduate degree at Loyola Marymount University, and graduated in May 2004 with an MBA in Organizational Development, and a minor in International Business.

By the time I completed my education I was clearly an “adult.” I had done well for myself professionally, traveled often, and had many close relationships. But something changed during this period of time, and I realized there was more to life than making money. In early 2007 my health became a priority. I’m not sure what sparked the change, but it seemed like a natural progression of my life. I began with taking vitamins daily. I flossed my teeth. Most importantly, I started taking boot camp classes. My body began to change. My fitness level improved. I was excited about the results, so I added in other activities: hiking, beach volleyball, yoga, pole dancing, tai chi, zumba, jazzercise. I ate differently, slept more and was happier. I found that the colds I used to suffer like clockwork every three months were not almost non-existent – perhaps once a year at the most.

During this time I chafed against the boundaries of my corporate career. I found it no longer fulfilled me (I wonder: did it ever?) and I knew that there was something more that I wanted, something that called to my heart. I began to get a plan in place and with the support of my friends and family was able to leave the job and career that did not fulfill me, and venture out on my own to do what really fulfills me and gives me purpose: providing guidance to people who know what they want but don’t know how to get there. Or maybe they don’t know what they want, and together we’re able to uncover their passion and set them on the path towards their goal.

As your coach, I support you in getting clear on your vision, setting your focus, focusing your energy, getting into action, and holding yourself accountable. Together we will discover what calls to you, and then create a plan for you to realize your dreams.