Why I’m Here

Hi, I’m Tracy, and I welcome you to my site.  I’m happy to invite you into my world and share with you my reason for being.

Here’s a little bit about me (for the full-length version, see my About Me page).  I’m a second-generation native of Los Angeles (Dad was born here too!) and more than anything I love connecting with people and helping them fulfill their dreams. I love to learn and am always expanding my knowledge for both my own personal growth and to enhance my coaching.  My style is relaxed and interactive. I truly love to see my clients grow and learn.

Being able to coach people and see them fulfill on their purpose is what brings me joy.  Whether it’s getting complete with the past, creating a new relationship, exploring a different career, turning a hobby into something that generates income, or creating a structure to achieve health and wellness goals — this is what I love to do, and why I’m here.

It is my hope that my guidance and experience will have a positive impact on you.